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We're here to help the average person better understand the complicated world of personal finance.

The Well Planned Wallet's lead contributor is Jeff Thomas. He spent three decades as a financial planner, stock broker and financial writer contributing articles to many forms of media. His clients often complimented him on his ability to explain a complicated subject in an easy to understand way.

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Meet the Team

Our commitment is to bring you relevant information than can help you better understand personal finance, explore ways to earn more money and improve your overall financial picture so you can enjoy your life and your relationships.

Jeffery Thomas


Jeff was a Wall Street stock broker and financial consultant for three decades. But even then he brought the complicated investment world to everyday Main Street people in a way that made it easy to understand. Now he is a money coach and business advisor. This is his coach's pose.

Katherine Wallace


Katherine and her husband Rodney own a small business where she runs the back office. She shares useful strategies that any small business owner or mom will appreciate.

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Guest Contributors

Accomplished Professionals

The Well Planned Wallet has an array of accomplished professionals as Guest Contributors. They come from a variety of backgrounds, investments, insurance, mortgages, career coaching, large corporations and so on. Not any of these people, but you get the point.

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