About Me

Grand Canyon Spring 2018

Hi. I’m Jeff

Welcome to my blog. I started The Well Planned Wallet to inform people about personal finance and entrepreneurism. You see, I come from generations of small business owners and spent the majority of my career in financial planning and small business consulting.

Most people are not taught this information in school. Many enter adulthood without essential information to build a strong financial plan for themselves. That’s where The Well Planned Wallet comes in. I have 35 years of success helping people achieve business and financial planning goals. From blogs to online courses, I’m here to help inform and educate.

I’ve worked with a broad variety of clients; individuals just starting out saving to managing multi-million dollar statewide public employee retirement plans. On this blog I share experiences and relate them to current changes in the marketplace. I review the services of financial providers and help you better understand what they offer. My hope us that my real life experiences can help you and your family with your personal finances.

More about my professional background…

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