Work With Me

This is a one-on-one interactive program where we work together via phone, video chat, text, email or in person to tackle your personal situation. I break down the complex world of finance into easy to understand building blocks so you get on the path to Financial Independence. We apply financial principles and strategies to your unique personal finances. I work with you to develop your plan.

In any worthwhile endeavor, you should work with an expert. I have worked with a thousand or so clients in my career and many thousands more in group plans like 401(k)s. I’ve spent tens of thousands of hours interacting with people one on one about their financial dreams and an equal amount educating retirement plan participants . You’ll find some financial planner/coaches are really salesmen with a product, real estate investors who want to expand into other fields or someone who had success paying off their personal debt and gained a social media following doing it. I don’t fit any of these descriptions.  I’ve actually worked in the financial industry for 30+ years. I’ve learned a lot and taught a lot.

If you want an expert in your corner helping you, send me a message today (click here). Or click the image below. We’ll discuss whether I’m the right person for you. If I’m not, I’ll give you tips on your next steps.