Why I Blog

Why? Because I have years of knowledge in one of the least understood fields, personal finance. I want to arm you with financial literacy so you can defend yourself from being taken advantage of by banks, insurance companies and brokerage firms. Being able to work from anywhere and doing something that I can be proud of appeals to me.

After college I have not had the traditional W-2 career. You know, the kind of career where you show up on someone else’s schedule, eat lunch when someone else tells you, with what they pay they may even limit where you can eat and waste your potential building equity for someone else and they send you a W-2 at the end of the year so you can square your taxes according to what they shared.

I started in financial planning at age 23 as an independent contractor with the responsibility of getting my own clients, structuring my own day and come feast or famine I built my own business. I am better suited for the lifestyle that blogging and independent work provides. I do business consulting and advising in addition to blogging. The explosion of internet information companies and services of the past few years makes it easier for me to provide all three channels.

Most of us have something of value that the world wants to hear. As this societal shift continues, more advertising will be done on these new platforms. To quote my cousin Tim Thomas “Money get from point A to Point B. You just have to decide where on that path you want to be.” Maybe the time has come for you capture some of that money for yourself, even if just a side hustle. I can help.

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